Earlier tonight I went to the McDonalds at 4114 Hillsboro Rd, Nashville, TN 37215-3313 Store 2414 and ordered 2 McRibs. There was a promotion on the board where you order a McRib and get the 2nd one for $1.00 – as this post also states it seems to be for the sandwich and for the meal. However I ended up paying $6.59 for both sandwiches.

McRib - get 2nd one for $1.00 - you can't really see through the fog, rain, etc from your car window that it may be for the 'meal' only, but some Mcdonalds like this one are honoring 2 sandwiches for $3.99. Signage needs to make it visible that it may be intended for the meal only

I got the appetite for more at 1:30am in the morning and my local McDonalds didn’t have that sandwich, so we travelled 30 minutes to 4114 Hillsboro Rd and ordered 2 McRibs and a cup of water. The total came to $6.59 again.

When I pulled up to the window the manager was present  – he started to hand me my cup of water but I stopped him to ask and  I asked him why I didn’t get them for $3.99 ($2.99 + $1.00 for the 2nd one) and he stated I had to ASK for that when I ordered it so I asked him to re-ring it. He did awknowledging that promotion IS on the big board, as on the earlier referenced post. Then I showed him the receipt from hours ago and asked for a re-ring or a credit on the order I had just placed and he refused. I advised him he could knock $2.00 off of my current order and save everyone a headache or refund my card. He refused BOTH and then refused to take my card for my food and said I’d have to get my food elsewhere. I said fine and gave him my card and asked for my food. He was now refusing to give me my order.

Left Receipt shows order where promotion was not rung, right shows order later in the night with the promotion.

He gave me the 2 McRibs, but didn’t give me the cup of water he JUST HAD in his hand a few minutes ago. He stated that he could not give it to me and I’d have to come in, he also challenged me to look at the new receipt which left off the cup of water that was on the first receipt – the cup he tried to hand me initially. I refused and waited – and waited – he re-directed other customers to the 2nd window (I was at the 3rd) and I pulled off without my cup of water. I then went to Dailys (next door) where I proceded to purchase a bottle of water. What was so hard about getting that cup of water you JUST had in your hand a minute or two ago?

Receipt for water that I had to buy next door

Receipt for water that I had to buy elsewhere.

Total costs: $1.17 for the bottle of water, $6.10 in gas to go to THIS McDonalds instead of the one by my home, $2.00 extra on the first McRib order, total $9.27 + the cost of the meal itself.

In short the manager acknowledged my first receipt from a few hours ago was wrong, refused to re-ring it, re-rung my current order but left off the water he was about to give us, then refused to give us that water because it wasn’t on the re-ring receipt and refused to allow me to pay for the order that I had just re-rung, I had to insist on paying for that order, before pulling away to order water elsewhere.

I’m not happy about that McDonalds or the McRib promotion.

Update 12/11/12 – I have found out this is a “Bertuca Organization” McDonalds. I should have figured it out by the shoddy customer service. I did speak to an “Area Supervisor” who said the issues would be addressed. I hi lighted the confusion on the promotion, the fact that even the manager thought it applied to ‘sandwich-only’ orders, the vanishing water cup, and the general disappointment however I did not address the ‘go somewhere else’ attitude of the manager and will need to follow up with the area supervisor on that key point. In fairness I asked to be compensated for the value of the extra trip, which is usual and customary.  I have however, created a ‘Bertuca Organization’ category as we build audience and grow.  Traffic almost tripled in the wake of the Bertuca Incident.