A Tale of Two McDonalds


3300 Dickerson Pike  Nashville, TN 37207
(615) 262-8038

So around lunch time, I head to the McDonalds at 3300 Dickerson Pike, Nashville, TN 37207. I order 2 McRibs, a Medium Fry and large Spriite. The total comes up to $8 and some change. They have the same promotion that we have spoken about previously, buy a McRib Combo and get the 2nd sandwich for $1.00

So I ask for it to be re-rung and and I am told they cannot do it. So I advised them that I was ordering the same amount of product, just a different configuration and they happily rerang it for $6 and some change. See the receipt. This is how a Non Bertuca Organization McDonalds responds – kindly and efficiently.

The Non Betruca Group McDonalds re-rang my order without any problem.

4114 Hillsboro Pike  Nashville, TN 37215
(615) 385-3313

SO Then we head later in the day to a Bertuca Organization McDonalds. This is where it gets interesting.

McDonalds have different policies regarding water. I’ve been given a large cup of water with my order, I’ve been told that they have to charge for large, but we can get medium or small for free and I’ve been told that amazingly enough we can only get a small for free. Now each is independantly  owned and operated so it gets tricky.

So I return to the Bertuca Organization to see if anything’s changed in customer service. I ordered a McDouble and two medium cups for water. I am advised that I can only get small.and given two cups. I hand them back saying that some McDonalds offer medium, can they do the same. The employee takes the cups back and says “these are medium cups”, handing the exact same cups back. I said “Are these medium” and he says “yes”,  very clearly lying.

The Bertuca Organizations idea of a "Medium Cup" - as stated by A Bertuca Organization McDonalds Employee on 12/17/2012 around 9pm at the Hillsboro Rd Nashville TN location.

I spoke to the manager and advised him that the employee clearly stated these “small cups” were “medium cups” and the manager said the employee got confused. I advised there was no confusion and asked for medium cups which the manager, after a few minutes of arguing, gave.

My big issue isn’t the water policy – that’s up to the store – my big issue is that this Bertuca Organization McDonalds allowed an employee to straight up lie to me that small cups were medium cups.

The Medium Cup, as defined by many other McDonalds outside the Bertuca Organization.

So a tale of Two McDonalds – In the McDonalds in the outside world we have customer service, and a customer orientiation. In the Bertuca organizaiton McDonalds we have employees who try to snow over customers and managers who spend time arguing with customers over water.

Bertuca’d yet again.