906 Rivergate Parkway
Goodlettsville TN 37072
Phone: 615-859-2994

today I stopped at the McDonalds on Rivergate Parkway for some food and WiFi.

McDonalds was an innovator in providing WiFi during the dining expereince. And this is no exception.

The service level was good at this McDonalds, not surprising since this is NOT a Bertuca Organization store. These McDonalds employees were trained properly, courteous and engaged me as a customer, even asking about my daughter’s Christmas present that I was working on.

The WiFi is strong at McDonalds, definately worth sitting down at although I do believe they have a 20 minute dining room limit (not WiFi regulated) and not many power outlets.

Everyone knows McDonalds food so what I’ll say was this was served promptly and warm.

Over all McDonalds at Rivergate Parkway in Nashhville, TN is a great spot to touch down for WiFi but not a place to set down “for the day”.  This particular environment however being non-Bertuca, is extremely welcoming.