3300 Dickerson Rd
Nashville, Tennessee 37207-2955

Not part of the Bertuca Organization,  This McDonalds location on 3300 Dickerson Rd in Nashville TN has provided an amazing experience.

While all McDonalds we visit run out of sauces for McNuggets, this one seems to the least – our orders are accurate, the staff is beyond friendly, and even has made exceptions for large cups of water to be free.

What’s outstanding is there is a young lady who works the drive through, short hair, big smile, who says “come back to see us again” – always full of joy and cheer. That is what makes this McDonalds – the one furthest from my house – the one I go to over the Bertuca Organization’s restaraunt on Brick Church / Trinity Lane and Chris Ramirez’s restaraunt on Gallatin Rd in East Nashviile, though his operation has improved over the years.

So big ups to the Skyline Dickerson Rd McDonalds!