McDonalds 109 E Park Dr, Brentwood, TN 30-727-7505

McDonalds 109 E Park Dr, Brentwood, TN 30-727-7505

We pulled up to the drive through at McDonalds 109 E Park Drive,  in Brentwood, TN at 5pm and ordered a double cheeseburger, medium fries and a large cup of water. We then pulled up to the first window. No one was there. You can’t see in due to decals on the window. We then pulled to the second window, hit the horn, no one responded. We backed up to the first window and hit the horn. No one responded.

We then went inside and let them know we were from the drive through and no one was responding. So they charged me for $29 worth of food I did not order. I advised them I was from the drive through yet AGAIN but they slid my card. I advised them I didn’t order $29 worth of food.  This particular charge was unauthorized by me, they just took my card and charged it for $29 of food without ringing up my particular order. This can also be called credit card fraud if it was done intentionally.

They advised me they never even rang up my order when I went through the drive through. Without any kind of apology they refunded my card then asked me a fifth time what I ordered. Then I waited. I advised them this was unacceptable. I received no apology. They were insistent they were taking orders from the drive through.

If orders aren’t being rung up through the drive through, is money being pocketed? Are charges being processed falsely? They readily admitted our order was not actually taken.

When I initially walked up I said I was from the drive through. I questioned why they processed my debit card without listening to what I had to say first and they had no response. They had no excuse or explanation for what happened.

Did someone order $29 worth of stuff, pay with cash, the cash was pocketed and then the employee needed my card to run the transaction and cover it in the till? Was my order not taken in order to pocket my funds if I paid in cash? It’s hard to say.

With no apologies from anyone I left with my food. There was still no explanation of why there was no response at either drive through window and no apology.

So where does McDonalds in Brentwood get away from sliding a card for $29 worth of food I didn’t order? Do they not pay attention to the people who are placing orders inside? And while I was inside, an eyewitness saw that orders were continuing to be taken from the drive through and no one was responding at the window for those orders either.

So we have $29 frozen on our card until the refund is processed and no apologies from this McDonalds or it’s staff / management.