2311 Brick Church Pike
Nashville, Tennessee 37206

Phone: (615)227-0995

Another incident last night around midnight, I placed an order at the drive through and pulled up, they took my credit card, gave me my food but would not give me my credit card back. They asked me to pull forward to wait for my credit card even though I had my food. I refused because that opens it up to fraud. I didn’t know if he needed time to do an imprint or copy down the numbers with me out of view. He stated that he didn’t place my order and that he needed to place the order of the person BEHIND me first so I needed to pull forward. The manager was standing outside chit chatting with someone, probably on break, I suggested getting the manager involved and then they suddenly changed their tune and rang the card through and returned it to me. I spoke to the manager who really didn’t have much to say about it.

I wondered if he was  just giving out food hoping to pocket “cash” then got stuck with an un-rung order and a credit card, or if some other serious issue was going on. Either way, this is the third or fourth really bizarre incident at this McDonalds and if ANY fraudulent charges come up on my card I will let Wells Fargo know to investigate your restaurant and credit card practices. I continue to come because it is the closer one between you, Maria, and Chris but this was something that if your restaurant is nothing but a front to get people’s credit card #’s, it needs investigated and I may reach out to the Tennessee State Attorney General on this matter.
Meredith Baugh, director of operations at Bertuca was notified of this incident but did not respond. John Becket of the same organization did respond but finished with a ‘form letter’. I have made it a point not to do business with this particular location. Credit Card safety is a big responsibility, too big it appears for the Bertuca organization to train their employees on.