393 W. Main St, Hendersonville, TN 37075

A return visit to McDonalds – see FIRST VISIT here

Another Perfect Visit to McDonalds in Hendersonville, TN

Another Perfect Visit to McDonalds in Hendersonville, TN

After some less than stellar experiences at the former Ted Bertuca Organization McDonalds locations, under the new leadership of Clark Gray of McGrayco, we decided to come back to the Hendersonville location. It had been a few weeks, and we wanted to see if anything changed.

I walked up to the counter and was greeted by “Kainiecia” – who took my order – #3 breakfast meal, extra hashbrown, large soft drink, for dine in. ‘Kainiecia’ took the order, put out the tray, took my payment and handed me a drink cup. By the time I came back from filling my drink, my order was filled and ready.

I sat for a little and used the wifi, and ate my meal while I watched the dining staff talk to the customers who were seated.

The Manager on Duty was outstanding, finding me a pen when there wasn’t one readily available.

Once again, ANOTHER PERFECT VISIT for McDonalds on 393 W. Main St in Hendersonville, TN! – This review is also being forward to Ted and Judy Lyons of the Lyons Leadership Group. This McDonalds is defiantly, much like the Nashville Dickerson Rd location, one to be modeled off of.