2311 Brick Church Pike
Nashville, Tennessee 37206

Phone: (615)227-0995

Just had more mediocre service from this location, was “told” to pull
forward to wait for order, not asked, so I said I wasn’t going to
since I wasn’t asked, I was “ordered”. Order came WITHOUT an item,
they then gave me the WRONG missing item, then asked me what it was
and I advised them to check my order and they finally corrected it.

Why do they ask for my order at the order board if they aren’t going
to fulfill it AND aren’t going to bother to check their own order
screen? I might as well have gotten paid to fulfill my own order.

Do they not know how to read english on a screen? If not we can get
them help. This is getting ridiculous and I dare say I should just go
behind the counter and get the orders myself since I can read a
screen, which clearly they cannot do and rely on asking the customer
to do themselves.

Another visit to the Bertuca McDonalds Location ends in disaster.