2311 Brick Church Pike
Nashville, TN
August 17, 2012 12:00am
I pulled up to the Drive Through and was asked to wait at the order board. I waited so long I had to turn on my 4 ways. When the girl returned to take orders there was NO apology at all. When I pulled up to pay I had to wait yet AGAIN, and then when I pulled up for my order I was given my drink and told to wait yet again – this time pulling up past the window.
There was NO APOLOGY from ANYONE so when my food came out the employee didn’t say ONE WORD to me at ALL. I asked to speak to the manager who came out and I explained to them all the waiting, lack of apologies and guess what, SHE DIDN’T APOLOGIZE EITHER. It was like she she didn’t care.  I highly recommend retraining all employees in common courtesies OR hiring people who want to serve customers, I don’t actually care which. Because it was clear to me that I was a disturbance and an inconvenience to whatever goes on in that restaurant at night. All that waiting, maybe there was a party, who knows, but I sure wasn’t invited! Worst service on a rainy night.
This is a Bertruca Organization Restaurant. It is to be avoided if you actually want “FAST FOOD”.