McDonalds 109 E Park Dr, Brentwood, TN 30-727-7505

McDonalds 109 E Park Dr, Brentwood, TN 30-727-7505


109 E Park Drive

Brentwood, TN

This morning I was at the location. It was 9:45am, with plenty of breakfast hours left. The order was a Sausage McGriddle meal. As we ordered, we weren’t given a cup to fill. We waited. We waited. All the other orders were filled. Then the worker asked what we ordered, and we told them. Some kind of argument ensued as it was 10 minutes later and they finally figured out the McGriddles were ‘cooking’.

It would have been helpful to know when the order was placed that it would be a 10 minute wait on McGriddles. We would have ordered something else. I came in not 5 minutes later, ordered something and was told there would be a 4 minute wait. But on our previous order there was nothing communicated from the backline to front as to the wait, and as all the other customers were observed leaving, no one there knew why we were waiting and still in the lobby.

I came back 5 minutes later and communicated to the manager on duty (T) who seemed very uninterested. I stressed that I was aware of McGriddle cook time, but that we were in the middle of “breakfast” and not “breakfast faves”. She seemed very apathetic. She did not do anything to recognize the situation. I ended up calling the corporate office and filed a report there.

This is not the first issue at this McDonalds, on a previous visit I brought kids from the inner city and they were not permitted to ‘dine-in’ the restaurant and the employees seemed very uncomfortable (this is a predominately white area). We did receive an apology, recognition that this was an issue, and meal tickets – and we weren’t treated badly again.

This McDonalds definitely needs to look at the communication, as there are choices where to get breakfast, there’s Starbucks and Taco Bell minutes away, both of which serve breakfast.

The corporate office was a bit more helpful than Manager “T”. I also have issue with the way the employee and manager interacted and that no effort was made to a compensate for the delay ‘on the spot’ or interestingly enough that the followup meal wasn’t ‘comp’d’ on the spot. Not that we’re after ‘free stuff’ – we are after good service and want to measure the response to ‘bad service’.

While we have seen amazing service changes at many area McDonalds since the Bertuca Organization exited McDonalds, this location run by another operator – definitely no Ted or Judy Lyons either, has much room for improvement.