carrier faked delivery. Madison Post Office admitted package wasn't delivered.

carrier faked delivery. Madison Post Office admitted package wasn’t delivered.

In Baltimore MD a postal carrier is charged with mail theft this week. Passports, Netflix DVD’s, and prescription medications among the finds.  Last week a former Colorado postal carrier was sentenced for mail theft.  Last year a Columbus mail carrier was charged with mail theft. In our own experience the Madison Post Office claims to have attempted a certified letter delivery however no notices were left and no attempt was observed by neighbors.  I suggested a carrier audit after this incident.

These are the same folks who want their pensions untouched, refuse to cut Saturday delivery to cut costs, balk at Post office station closures, and pickets in front of Staples, which now offers a Post Office Partnership. Is Barney Fife missing?!

Today we were expecting a package. It was marked as ‘out for delivery’ from 8am-5pm. We sat by the window at times, waiting for the post office to deliver the package. I was home until 11:45am. Someone else waited intently until 5pm. They stopped waiting when the website marked the package as DELIVERED at 11:01am. I was there at 11:01am. No package or attempt was made. None.

A call to the local Madison TN post office revealed the package had been RETURNED to the Post Office undelivered, contrary to the website marking it as delivered. I was not home but the person at home was to WALK to the post office (we only have 1 car). I called the post office, and spoke to the man, advised him I was in Brentwood and couldn’t drive to get the package. He said he would drive it out but also stated he’d better not find out I was lying, he’d better not see a car in the driveway when he arrived.

Excuse me? It was the Madison Post Office’s responsibility to deliver the package regardless of if I could get it or not. Eyewiteneses reported the postal truck DROVE past my street but did not deliver mail ON my street. I have believed this to be the case for a LONG time but marking my package as ‘delivered’ (not ‘undeliverable’) during an hour I was AT the home, doing so at 6pm, was unacceptable. It was lying and a fraudaulant statement in my estimation.

The local Post Office’s integrity – to question if a customer’s lying while making false entries on and returning a package that was ‘out for delivery – has me questioning the integrity and truthfulness of the United State Post Office.

We got our package because I demanded the package be delivered and that the other occupant not have to walk 1 hr to the Madison, TN Post office.

I know the Post Office is losing money. I’ve already emailed Patrick Donahoe regarding some odd delivery routing. But this is one example why I believe people do not want to use the Post Office and thus use UPS or Fed Ex. The Post Office simply doesn’t know how to tell the truth and fakes delivery of packages.

The post office had NO explanation as to why this happened to us. No excuses for the false delivery log.