All are NOT welcome at this Mall.

All are NOT welcome at this Mall.

In December, this site reported on Macys  Cool Springs Galleria where the question was asked, why I as a customer dressed in a hoodie (not unlike Trayvon Martin) pointed repeatedly to a visibly empty register, where he then had to shout at the TOP of his voice several times to be checked out when other customers were being waited on within the store ?

This site contacted William Skaggs, store manager, who offered an apology but no explanation for the possible discriminatory practice of customer redirection to an empty register. Mr. Skaggs called the customer who had the issue and offered his phone number for a follow up conversation but then refused to return the calls.

Macy’s Executive Customer Service (Donna Smith) and CBL, the company that rents to Macy’s in Cool Springs, both apologized but offered no explanation, and Macy’s Customer Service advised us Mr. Skaggs will NOT be returning our emails or phone calls.  Which means Mr. Skagg’s verbal integrity (do as you say you are going to do) is non existent.

David Meadows at CBL properties has been less than helpful as well – he was alerted 7 days ago that Macy’s has been generally unresponsive for an explanation on what happened at Macy’s.

Was it because the customer was not white? Was it because I was wearing a hoodie? I just do not know why David Meadows, Donna Smith, and William Skaggs have NO EXPLANATION for our treatment that day and no one is taking responsibility by explaining WHY this happened, only apologizing. One will not move forward until it’s explained. I do not know if this was discrimination – because Mr. Skaggs is not responding with any other explanation for an incident for that day so the question still remains – Does Macy’s – a tenant of CBL –  discriminate?  

My challenge to William Skaggs, Donna Smith and CBL as of 2/3/14 – more than a month after the incident:

I will not be satisfied until I have a written explanation from Mr. Skaggs regarding WHY this incident happened.  As far as I am concerned, I’ve been after an explanation for a month and the lack of one points to further possible discriminatory behavior.
An written explanation from Mr. Skaggs: “Why was I not waited on, redirected several times to an empty register while other better dressed customers were waited on in the store? Especially when both the staff member and supervisor stated to me at the time that I should have been waited on by the person I approached at the register”. No more apologies, no more hiding behind desks, let’s have an explanation please.