Lyft may be unsafe in Nashville

Lyft may be unsafe in Nashville

In January 2014 we warned about Uber and Lyft Safety issues in Nashville. Nashville Metro was informed via Facebook Message of our findings but chose not to respond.

Lyft drivers may not have adequte insurnace, disturbing statements have been made by the companies regarding true liability in accidents, and there are issues with driver training and even the damage the mustaches do in terms of overheating.They may make cars unsafe, while you are IN THEM.

Bottom line: Read below to see what we are saying about what others are saying about Lyft incuding the state of TN who is warning drivers they may be underinsured. Which means passengers, you get injured or die in a Lyft accident, you may not have any recourse.

Lyft and Uber may be unsafe in Nashville – Are they safe? – our January post and one of our most popular ones at that. We addressed such issues as Uber driver accused of assault had done prison time for a felony, passed background check anyways.  This article was more on safety issues like the Uber driver who assaulted a passenger.

Fox News recently reported on Lyft and Uber Insurnace Shortfalls:

States warn consumers about possible insurance gaps with rideshare companies

“California, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Rhode Island and Tennessee have all previously warned consumers that they could potentially face liability for accidents cause by drivers they hire.” Fox News Article

I have warned and asked Metro Nashville  about Lyft operating and the safety and insurance concern but they have not returned my messages.  Personal policies may NOT cover any accidents that happen in Lyft vehicles. PERIOD. And do you think LYFT insurance will cover passengers in an accident? Nashville Metro  is VERY quiet about this even though the State of TN has warned people.

““Uber is trying to distance itself from any liability, instead calling itself a “modern day phone book” of drivers that simply connect people but has no responsibility when accidents occur,” the San Francisco-based personal injury firm of Bostwick & Peterson states in a message on its web site.” – Fox News article

So when it happened to similiar service UBER, UBER tried to distance itself from liability. This  doessn’t seem to promote the idea that the company insurance covers you. It may default back to personal policies which may be inadequete. So if you’re a passanger in a Lyft car going past Fessler’s lane and have that accident that always happens, you may be out of luck, crippled, and no coverage for you by the driver or by Lyft. Just wondering based on Uber’s behavior, if you would be safe in Lyft during an accident on I-40 or I-24 or downtown Nashville.

“Passengers of the companies must agree to hold the companies harmless for anything that happens on the trip, according to waivers. But if a driver dispatched by one of the companies causes a serious accident and does not have insurance, it is unclear who is liable. An injured rider may not be covered, they say.

The companies claim they are simply tech companies that facilitate rides and fares and are protected by the Communications Decency Act. The drivers they work with do not appear to be their employees, and, like all motorists, are required to have insurance.”

The companies claim they are simply tech companies.

At least one city,  San Antonio, has woken up to the dangers and issues with Lyft and Uber. They are arresting drivers. That’s what needs to happen all around the country.

“The problem with this is, the public is put in danger,” he said.  “You don’t know who is going to show up, you don’t know what the condition is that the car is in that you’re going to get into.”


He says taxi drivers are registered with the city, and their vehicles are inspected by the city.  He says Lyft vehicles are not, the passenger doesn’t know about the driver’s history, and the drivers are not required to demonstrate any knowledge of San Antonio geography, as taxi drivers have to do.


“They are not regulated, and there is no advantage to getting into one of these cars, where you get into one of these cars and you don’t know what their background is.  The public is put in danger.”


McManus also warned that most Texas auto insurance policies do not cover people who carry passengers ‘for hire.’

My big issue here is that Taxi Drivers and professional drivers are trained professionals. They receive training. Lyft and Uber do not. There’s a lot more to driving for hire than just a phone app – there’s defensive driving, there’s safety, and there’s EXPERIENCE. Professional drivers, much like truck drivers, are just at a different LEVEL than Uber or Lyft drivers.

Bottom line here is that Lyft and Uber may be unsafe. I would not trust a Lyft and Uber driver – and I avoid them on the roads – they are also unsafe – the vehicles themselves.

Automotive expert: Lyft’s pinkish mustache could repairs cars

The pink mustaches can damage vehicles. It can cause overheating which can cause disabled vehicles which we all know can also cause accidents.

But according to Jim Leonard, a use confidant during an eccentric automobile correct emporium in Bellevue, Wash., regulating a pinkish “carstaches” could indeed means heat problems.

“If [the mustache] replaces a over-the-air intake of a griddle of a car, it’s assembled in such a way atmosphere can’t pass by it,” Leonard said. “If this blocks a atmosphere intake to the radiator, it could means a engine to overheat.”

The worst part is I used to drive great distances for a data collection job I had. The wear and tear on your car when you drive like this is accellerated. So the money a Lyft driver does make, they will learn QUICKLY, goes to tires, brakes (assuming they’re keeping on top of this stuff), belts, hoses, etc.

Do you want to ride in a Lyft car that’s brakes may be going? It just takes a few months of heavy use to put a year’s worth of wear on brakes. Trust me, I used to need brakes every 6 months.

They may not be properly licensed. News Channel 5 reports this possibility.

Loophole Leaves Lyft, Uber Drivers Vulnerable For Tickets

According to Metro Code 6.74.100, all “for hire” passengers vehicles operating in Davidson County must have an “F” for hire endorsement on their license and commercial plates when carrying passengers.

As it stands, the Metro Transportation Licensing Commission is not currently issuing permits to drivers of cars services like Lyft and Uber mainly because county officials said they haven’t had a chance to draft legislation that properly regulates the new services.

This is also troubling to me, I truly hope Nashville Metro cracks down on this stuff.

Are You Sure You Want to be an UberX Driver?

And, on January 27, Uber was named in a wrongful-death lawsuit involving a 6-year-old girl struck and killed by an UberX driver on New Year’s Eve in San Francisco. Though the driver wasn’t carrying a passenger, the lawsuit claims he was logged into the UberX app at the time and was distracted by checking his phone for a fare.

Uber claims no responsibility for the New Year’s Eve accident because the driver wasn’t carrying a fare. But, from an insurance standpoint, if a TNC driver is available through the app, they’re driving as a livery service and therefore won’t be covered.

Professionally trained drivers would not make this mistake. But one phone app later amateurs-playing-livery-drivers kill a 6 year old girl. Just because you have an app and a car doesn’t make you a driver capable of driving others on a paid fare just as owning a gun and being able to shoot doesn’t make you fifith group special forces.  Uber has continued to try to dodge this.

Undercover at Lyft and Sidecar Part 1 | Undercover at Lyft and Sidecar Part 2

What I learned was that almost every claim that they make is either misleading or false. Their interviewing process is a joke. They don’t ask for social security numbers and they don’t fingerprint the applicants so they can’t be conducting criminal background checks. Nor do these companies make mechanical inspections of the cars. In the case of Sidecar, they don’t evenlook at the vehicle. Most importantly, insurance companies consider neither Lyft”s or Sidecar’s ridesharing services so their cars are required to carry commercial insurance. Since most of their cars don’t, they are uninsured vehicles.

Determination: In my opinion, all these factors lead me to believe Lyft and Uber are unsafe.  Check out my previous article on more factors on Lyft and Uber and how unsafe they may be for Nashville. Then ask Nashville Metrol why they did not respond and why they approve Lyft in Nashville.

Lastly, this is NOT a paid advertisement, but I ran across one person in Nashville who GETS this: Personal Injury Attorney John Day. Check out his article: Lyft, Sidecar and Uber: Great Service But Lots of Legal Issues and if you’ve had any issues with Lyft in Nashville, he seems to be the man to contact.