Uber operates illegally

Uber operates illegally

Nashville, which I wonder if it has been paid off or if Nashville Metro City Council truly has any intelligence, has just approved regulations for Uber and Lyft:

“The Metro Council voted 32-0, with one abstention, Tuesday to approve a set of regulations that will require Uber and Lyft vehicles to be insured by a commercial liability policy and inspected regularly while also mandating background checks for drivers.” – Uber, Lyft regulations approved in Nashville

Consumerist then reports:

The company has also recently been party to complaints about driver’s often awful behavior.

Earlier today it was reported by the Boston Globe that an Uber driver in Massachusetts was arraigned and pleaded not guilty to charges that he raped and kidnapped a female passenger.

A Uber spokesperson told the Globe that the incident was a “despicable crime” and that the company will work with police to help with the investigation.

Last week, a London woman complained to that company about a driver who was ““very forward and quite creepy” and, more specifically, “Asked me if I wanted him to go down on me.”

Uber’s response to that situation was to apologize for the incident, say it was investigating the issue and offer a $31 refund.

 Uber Reportedly Revamping Security, Won’t Say Exactly What It’s Doing

So Nashville has legalized Uber’s driver’s criminal behavior, essentially. Maybe City Council can’t wait to hear of Nashvillians being Uber Kidnappings, rape, and creepiness – maybe they’ve got a bit of Bill Cosby fascination in them. Hard to say.

Only time will tell…let the rapes and kidnappings be legalized folks. This is only the beginning. But like we’ve said before, other cities like Portland and other countries like India are smarter than your average Nashville Metro City Council member. This alone proves it.

Or they are easily manipulated. Played…like a country fiddle!