I visited the KFC Buffet at 2634 Mufreesboro Rd, @ Bell, Nashville, TN 37217 on Sunday September 22, 2013.

There was no line so I walked up the the counter. I was waiting for a good few minutes, when the drive through attendant finally came over and took my order. I ordered the adult buffet.  I was also told she was working drive through. I guess there was no regular employee to take orders.

When I got to buffet, the original chicken was dried out, there was no corn or biscuits, and the rest of the buffet was pretty old and crusty. I advised an employee on duty – then asked to speak to the manager on duty. He asked what I needed. I replied 3x that the chicken was dried out, there was no corn or biscuits.

He got green beans….said Corn was coming. No response on the biscuits. I went up again and complained about the dried out chicken. Nothing. Finally went up a THIRD time and asked for fresh chicken and advised what was there was dried out. He responded he had JUST served 35 people.

So is that a reason that my $9.99 or whatever I paid was less valuable than the other 35 people’s money?

During that time two other customers complained and the manager had very little in the way of a response. One was FedEx regional supervisor who explained customer service, and shared his observations and noted the lack of response of the manager on duty.

This food was horrible – There was no one checking temperatures, no one rotating the food, no one moisturizing it as I’ve seen at other KFC Buffets. About the only plus was I did not see roaches or flies.

It was my day off so I chose not to take pictures of the buffet. It will probably save Vernon Barker -the restaurant GM – some embarrassment. This reviewer says not to eat at Vernon Barker’s restaurant unless you like dried out food, partial buffets, and employees who do not respond when you point these things out.  Find another KFC in Nashville. The buffet at Harding Place is FIRST CLASS and should be considered above this one. Their staff checks to see how you are, is always rotating the food, and is fairly responsive to anything you point out. It’s at 336 Harding Place, Nashville, TN. Not that far a drive. No sign of Vernon Barker’s leadership there. All a store’s employees are a reflection of the leadership – good or bad.

Lastly, these poor chickens gave up their lives…and for what? To be thrown away as they were on my plate. So sad.