The following post appeared on former Ramsey personality, Crosspoint Church attendee, and motivational speaker Jon Acuff’s Facebook page: (Cross Point was recently in the news due to the resignation of Pastor Pete Wilson in Nashville, TN. – Does Cross Point endorse cruelty to animals through it’s use of Jon Acuff as a guest speaker?!)


Mr. Acuff may be unaware of reports from Australia of sheep abused during the shearing process. While Acuff’s followers disputed such reports, they are widespread. Whether they are valid or not, it’s no reason to mock animal cruelty.


I am extremely disappointed in Mr. Acuff’s comments regarding animal cruelty that this meme / ad represents.  I used to think he was a gifted and talented man. But to mock this, even if it’s not true (there are disputes among people whether the Australian reports are true but more often than not, the core issue is true even if reports are embellished),  it lacks integrity, a moral compass, and compassion.

These are articles on sheep cruelty as reported by various organizations. Whether they are propaganda or real incidents, Mr. Acuff has crossed a line in mocking it and endorsing mockery of it. Mr. Acuff did not comment any further on his statements or his follower’s endorsements of the cruelty to animals.

International Exposé: Sheep Killed, Punched, Stomped on, and Cut for Wool