Uber operates illegally

Uber operates illegally

Another day, another goober from Uber. Check out this article on Consumerist: Uber Driver Accused Of Pulling Passenger From Car, Smashing Her Phone After Fight Over Directions

Would you consider yourself safe in Nashville with this UberX driver?? UberX is supposed to be the better service.

In the latest report of Uber driver versus passenger, police in San Francisco have cited an UberX driver with three misdemeanors for allegedly pulling a passenger out of his car and smashing her smartphone while she tried to record the showdown…He was cited with misdemeanors for battery, malicious mischief, and vandalism.  Uber Driver Accused Of Pulling Passenger From Car, Smashing Her Phone After Fight Over Directions


Another day, another criminal at Uber. Just how many goobers does it take to drive Uber?! Nashville, be warned, your daughters are at risk with Lyft and Uber.

More on Uber: Fazi Kamel was interviewed by Al-Jazeera America:

“They tell everybody, we are a software company, and that’s not true,” Kamel told Al Jazeera. “They’re a transportation company. They don’t want to say it, to save money. ” Drivers accuse car app Uber of dictating terms, skimming tips 

Excellent reporting from Al-Jazeera America. 

Uber IS unsafe according to this article. Nashville should take  heed:

That leaves much of the insurance burden on the drivers, who are using their own personal cars and their own personal car insurance (PCI). What these drivers may not know, however, is that their PCI policy may not cover them if they’re driving for Uber, Lyft, or any other “ride-sharing” app. The insurance secret that Uber doesn’t want you to know

The consequence is huge:

You may next be thinking “So, what happens if the insurance company successfully denies the claim for my UBER driving accident?”.  In that case, you as the vehicle owner or operator, if a separate person, are completely exposed to whatever verdict the Court elects to impose, which will typically attach your personal assets, home, savings and potentially your future earnings. – CAUTION: If you are an UBER driver, you may NOT be protected!

Now, do you want to apply to drive for Lyft or Uber / Uberx in Nashville??!!! Do you have enough assets to cover you  (i.e. your house, your car, your stuff) if you have an accident? And Nashville is full of them!

Lastly, Uber and Sexual Harrassment seem to hand-in-hand:

Just last week, a Chicago woman filed a lawsuit against Uber Technologies Inc.,claiming in a that an Uber driver “repeatedly fondled” her “legs, groin area and breasts.”

Uber’s Biggest Problem Isn’t Surge Pricing. What If It’s Sexual Harassment by Drivers?

Guess it’s a different kind of a surge! Too many goobers at Uber. I’ll stick with cabs. And if you love your daughters in Nashville, so will you.