Holy 'I'm Getting Nothing for Christmas'! Flixster / Warner took away my digital downloads!

Holy ‘I’m Getting Nothing for Christmas’! Flixster / Warner took away my digital downloads!

So I ordered the Batman Television Series Complete Blu Ray set back in late September.  As it arrived in November,  discovered it came with something called “Flixster HD Ultra Vliolet downloads”. I could watch the episodes, in HD on my laptop!

I proceeded to push all bandwidth limits and download all 120 episodes in HD, or 120gb to my laptop. So for a few weeks I had every episode on my laptop. I even cleared space for them. Local versions via Ultra Violet HD Flixster App.

Then one day I was prompted to re-login and they were gone. The titles showed up in my ‘collection’, the files were available on my hard drive but when I went to the episodes, the Flixster app told me I would have to re-download them.

I am on my third bandwidth warning from Comcast. You only get three. Then bye bye service for a year.

They tried to offer me more free movies to make me happy. I tried to explain that if I don’t have the bandwidth available to download these episodes, what in the world makes them think I can download free movies?! Otherewise I’d love a free download of Jetsons the Movie in 1080p HD!

I told them that if I had downloaded them from BitTorrent, I’d have spent the 120gb and still had my movies, albeit illegally. Legally, I lost the best value of the set. The worst part is I barely have watched the discs, everything I watch is UltraViolet HD as far as this series goes. So the value of my set, $280 set (the Diamond Exclusive Blu Ray version),  is pretty much gone.

The customer service rep wanted to put me on the phone with a supervisor but I advised him that if I was going to be told the same thing, not to bother.  I spent 3 days, 2 phone calls, 2 tickets, and several unbillable hours dealing with this nightmare.

This is one bad thing – like Amazon deleting books from users Kindle Fires, the studios apps can take movies away at will, and in this case, the rep admitted it was an ‘error’ in the application that caused this. While not ‘at will’, it’s proof that digital downloads don’t really belong to you. I thought these were mine to watch, I was really wrong.

I advised the rep that the best solution for me, with 120gb of bandwidth used and the inability to re-download was to get these digital HD files on a hard drive shipped out to me, preferably DRM free, so I can drag, drop, and watch them in HD 1080p on my laptop any time. He said he’d look into that.

But my Christmas morning plans are now ruined, as I was going to watch some of these that morning. I’ll have to find something else to do.

It’s kind of sad, $280 down the tube. Anyone want to refund me that $? Or send me a HDD full of those? Free movies isn’t going to cut it Flixster because I don’t have the bandwidth!!!

I’m sad, I’m not angry or upset. I started taping Batman off the air in 1989 and have waited for legal copies for over 25 years. I enjoyed the Ultra Violet HD Flixster versions for a few weeks. Now they are gone.