Quite frequently lately I’ve considered the things I do “doing what no one else can do”.  It’s not a pat on the back, it’s not affirmation, it’s just something people have told me and slowly over the last 4 years I’ve struggled, and at times especially now, embraced it.

It’s taken me so many different places and put me in so many different situations. From the projects to sub saharan Africa, the journeys have been both near and far – and the risks have ranged from inner city violence to civil unrest in another nation. In terms of the stories you can tell from all those different adventures, there is a book in there somewhere.

But as for my own life, happy endings can be hard to come by. 25 years ago I set out on this new life of mine, first out of survival and then slowly coming to understand what the whole point of this journey really was about.  From day one though I was faced with a situation that launched me out on this journey, and as it ends this year, I think it finally gave me a happy ending, I finally found what I was looking for from this situation – basically solving what has been the problem from day 1.

I’m all about closure when it comes to things like this and this was the last loop to close in my life. I haven’t been specific about what it is because it’s very private but at the same time there are just those moments where you know things are coming to an end, and you get that one “kiss to the past” that really helps to acknowledge the wild ride it’s been and puts a nice bow on everything.