“After several years of testing grocery delivery service in Seattle, the online retailer has expanded its AmazonFresh program to Los Angeles. Customers in the L.A. area will also be able to try out Amazon’s new “Prime Fresh” plan that offers same-day or overnight service of groceries and other items.

Amazon’s goal is to compete with Walmart, which has been looking at options — from in-store lockers to having vetted customers make deliveries — for reaching online customers. It would also put Amazon in competition with existing services like Peapod and FreshDirect, which generally tack on delivery fees and can have wait times of a few days.”

This is an interesting concept. But is this a culture change or merely a service for those who desire it? The market will determine.

I like going to Walmart, talking to “Catona” , “Melissa”, and the other great Walmart employees like Tkeyah, Bianca, etc. It’s a community and it’s a good feel over all. It’s part of my day and part of life.

What happens when you take away the community element of grocery shopping and it just becomes clicking the mouse? I’m not sure. I remember the days of the mom and pop Grocery stores. Up to last year I still visited some of the smaller food stores as part of a job I had collecting supermarket data. 2 checkouts, 4 aisles of food, but the community in these stores was very right.

So are we headed to a day when I get my groceries but no “Conversation with Catona”?  or “Smile from Melissa”? – We’ve seen the disappearance of VHS videos, the arrival of DVD / Blu Ray and the arrival of “Netflix” change the way we watch movies at home; We’ve seen ‘pay at the pump’ change how we get gas for our car – no longer does someone come out and pump our gas and wash our windows; and we no longer go to the teller window for cash at the bank, the ATM talks to us, sells to us, and services us.  Even the Post Office has the ‘APC’ machine out of the larger busier locaitons so you can mail a package without ever talking to a Postal Employee.

Is there a day when there is no ‘Conversation with Catona’? – just a few clicks of the mouse and Amazon brings the groceries to me? I believe…it will be a sad day.