The FreedomPop Photon Device - Highly Recommended.

The FreedomPop Photon Device – Highly Recommended.

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A few months ago I picked up a Freedompop Photon Wireless Broadband MiFi. I previously had a Virgin Mobile MiFi grandfathered with $39.99 unlimited 3g Internet – with 2 months credited on it – but sadly, the MiFi itself died so I lost all that time and my unlimited grandfathered plan. So I heard of Freedompop offering 500mb free and picked up the device at a local shop.

It was very easy to sign up, it was free as indicated, just required going to and keying in some information. I tested the Photon out in an areas where I had no WiFi and it performed very well.

The interface at to watch your data usage is fairly intuitive.

Freedompop offers several plans, the one I chose was 500mb with $3.99 fee to rollover 500mb per month, up to 20gb. I did some math, it actually works out nicely, some other carriers charge up to $50 per month for 5gb per month without any rollover. So that would be $200 for 20gb. With Freedompop, accumulating 20gb over a period of 40 months will cost $160. ┬áSo you’re coming out ahead. The $3.99 rollover plan is good for casual use – especially since you can rollover unused data. The first month I had 1gb of data, used less than 50mb, rolled over 500 and lost about 450mb. Not bad considering other carriers you’d lose EVERYTHING.

Even without the fancy rollover, 500mb is very generous and the closest I think we’ll come to the vision of ‘Internet for all’ for free.

Freedompop also offers a premeire plan for $7.99 that includes rollover, device replacement, service and SpeedPlus. They also offer pay as you go at .02/mb, the ability to share data, as well as earn data.

What impressed me though was the customer service one could receive through Facebook. I’m self employed, ┬áhave a lot to deal with and to be able to get my plan changed and terminology explained over Facebook was fairly impressive.

The only drawback is to pick your device carefully. I bought mine at a store but when I got home I found there were a ton of different offers – Groupon offered the device at a low price – in fact a choice of devices. This offer gives a Travel Charger and free shipping and I remember yet another offer that offered the Photon Platinum with one of those USB battery backups all for $29.99 including shipping – I bought mine off the shelf and may have paid too much – so Google for the best offer to avoid consumer regret. I’m still happy with what I got, it’s just that I didn’t get a car charger or fancy battery backup gizmo.

Overall the Photon has proved to be a very very reliable device and the support has been cuttting edge. I highly recommend it as a good MiFi Option for those who travel but need a device to ‘fill in the gaps’ where WiFi may not be available.

You can order it at or through many other merchant such as