On December 6, 2012 I got a text message with a video that stated that for loyal customers like me they were offering a T-Mobile LG L9 for free if I upgraded. My contract was up and due for an upgrade so I went ahead and called.

The Customer Care rep was a bit boggled that I could not get the L9 online as stated for free, and then then they stated the offer must be for an additional line being opened with that new 2 year contract, not a new 2 year contract with someone upgrading.

Where on here does it state another line needs openend for the Free LG Optimus L9









I found that odd, I have an upgrade that I can’t use as it is, the pricing in stores w/my upgrade is still horribly expensive, it’s not like the old days where your upgrade could get you a new phone, they’re shifting to a model where payments are spread over 24 months, sort of like the new X-Box 360 for All Microsoft model or the old AOL $200 Staples card if you sign up for AOL – paying it over time.

I also advised them that to send this to an existing customer with the word ‘upgrade’ implies an ‘existing’ line. A ‘new line’ implies ‘new customer’ since even in family they are ‘new’, not 1 person with 2 phones.

Optimus_450kb_4 – Download and view the video!

See the video here: http://www.viewsnewsandreviews.com/media/Optimus_450kb_4.3gp

At the end of the day, the marketing video and image imply I should be able to get the L9 for free with an upgrade but a las, there’s no where on the video or on the image that states I have to open another line and now I’ve got my contract renewed, I opened another line w/another phone before I saw this, and No L9. C’mon T-Mobile, give me the L9 as you’ve advertised for free. Please.

I called Customer Care again on the 18th to confront them on this issue and they stated they could see how the ad would be misleading and advised me to contact corporate at their US mailing address. They refused to offer an email address.

I’ve sent this to T-Mobile Executives, let’s see what they do.  I want my L9, for the record.