fazolisFazoli’s Madison TN Rivergate

Address: 1847 Gallatin Pike N, Madison, TN 37115
Phone:(615) 559-4046

Fazoli’s was recommended to me by the late Jeff Senters as a good place to grab a meal, use wifi, and enjoy soft drinks. Unfortunately I was unable to visit while Mr. Senters was still alive.

Fazolis serves up an interesting selection of warm sandwiches, pasta, and pizza. I have tried the Primo Italiano, Ravolis with Meat Sauce, and Pepperoni Pizza with a soft drink. It’s the lunch special plus a sub.

The pizza is standard fare, nothing to write home about, typical ‘mall pizza’. The raviolis are a nice appetizer but the real gem is the Primo Italiano Sandwich. This is a fine tasting treat for lunch time and well worth the trip.

The Madison / Rivergate location does have a major issue – no wifi. I had to bring mine with me with a portable hot spot. There is a Fazoli’s network but the WiFi hasn’t worked on that network for a while according to an employee who is also disappointed the WiFI doesn’t work.

Speed of service is great although they are not equipped for a van or bus load. ¬†I’ve watched as a high school sports team pulled up

Overall Fazoli’s is a great choice for lunch, just don’t sign on to the Madison location’s WiFi, it hasn’t worked in a long time and there’s no sign or word the location is going to fix this any time soon. ¬†McDonalds excels in the WiFi area, you’re better off going there if WiFi is necessary over lunch.