The Wall Street Journal published an article on falling McDonalds profits and corporate’s desire to improve customer service:

I have been blogging about it over the last year:

I have emailed Jeff Stratton from McDonalds regarding the Bertuca Organization as a case study of things gone wrong at McDonalds. Lest he be Bertuca’d.


You may wish to review my blog series on Bertuca Organization, a McDonalds Franchisee. I have included the links here. They are generally the most non responsive uncustomer friendly operation I’ve ever seen and my bad experiences always turn out to be a Bertruca restaurant McDonalds. Read from the bottom up and you go from being refused service to a meal card being sent without any apology from the Franchisee. Yes, denial of service at a McDonalds. Your franchisees flush your profits down the drain. I understand the real estate model but the bottom line is if a restaurant is not successful, the real estate model goes down the drain.  You are only as strong as your weakest link.

I know customer complaints are handled through a different channel but if McDonald wants insight into why profits are down and wants to improve operations, my blog may be of good insight, lest you be Bertuca’d.
On the other hand, if you want to see a McDonalds that is AWESOME and customer friendly, interview this McDonalds: they ALWAYS handle things well and have a good sense of community with the community. The manager regularly engages customers which builds customer loyalty.