This Exxon Lets Injured Customers Suffer

This Exxon Lets Injured Customers Suffer

Exxon 1082 W Main St, Hendersonville, TN 37075

Hendersonville, TN Exxon – I visited the Hendersonville, TN, Exxon on Wednesday, April 9th, 2014, at 1:30p.m. I prepaid for my gas inside.  I then went back outside.   I was out at the gas pumps pumping gas. I put the pump in the car and let it fill on its own.While the gas was pumping I had some trash to put in the trash can by the gas pump. As I was walking to the trash can at the gas pump, my leg got caught on the gas hose, and I started to fall.My foot got caught on the hose and my left hand broke my fall. After I freed my leg as I sat at the gas pump, two customers walked by and didn’t say anything.I was in pain and could not get up. 

When I finally could get up I went back into the store. I explained what happened and asked if I needed to fill out an accident report. An employee got on the phone and asked another employee if this was their fault.They didn’t ask if they could help me. They did not ask if I needed help. They did not ask if I needed to sit down. They did not ask if I was in pain. Their primary concern was if it was their fault.

They were also surprised to see me back in the store again because I had prepaid for my gas earlier. I am outraged because I was out at the gas pump so long and they didn’t notice. Do they even pay attention to what’s going on at the pump? I was out there quite a while, the pump was right at the door.  I’m also outraged because their apparent concern was whether or not they were at fault and not for my own well being. They never once offered assistance. No seat to sit down, no ice, no ambulance or  ride to the hospital, even as I showed I was in pain. These people only seemed to care who was at fault, not about their fellow human being. They seemed the worst humanity has to offer.

When I worked for Sheetz Inc, a convenience store chain in the north east, we helped any customer  of any kind in need and filled out an incident report no matter what. But this store in the south is different. Where I come from, helping comes first, no matter what kind of customer or who’s fault. But it seems at least at this store, the main emphasis was finding out if it was their fault or not. Not helping someone injured on their property.

I drove myself to Skyline Medical Center where they determined I had a radial head fracture to the left elbow. Medical Bills came to $4100.00. I don’t understand why no one at the gas station wanted to help me and why they were only concerned whether it was their fault or not. My friend Hank works there at night and I know he would have helped me if he was there. I am recovering, however it might have been much less of a problem if I had gotten help to begin with, if the gas station had helped instead of trying to figure out if they were at fault.

Fortunately the total bills and costs is down to about $1000.  But I still don’t understand why no one at the station would even help me – why the primary concern was who’s fault it was.  If I see someone at the side of the road injured I will stop and help, even if it’s NOT my fault. That’s part of being a good human. But this Exxon was an example of the worst humanity has to offer. They were only concerned about their own liability.

Southern hospitality or even just customer service doesn’t exist at this station.

I stopped back in Saturday night, 11pm. The same employee was there. He asked what happened but again no apology or concern. The owners name is Kelly.

I  do not have use of my left arm; a friend typed this report for me.