A few weeks ago I was doing some research trying to find some pieces I was missing from the Nancy McKeon Fan Club Kit. I did a Google image search and found the missing piece I was looking for – the original fan club photo.  It was on a site called Etsy through a vendor called ‘PinUpsEtc’ run by Mickey Smedley of San Francisco, Ca.

PinUpsEtc at ETSY - A good seller

PinUpsEtc at ETSY – A good seller

I clicked through and the first notification that came on the screen was that ‘PinUpsEtc‘ was on vacation so I signed up for ETSY – a VERY EASY process and after I did that, I could message the seller.

I waited for the seller to come off vacation, and then ordered the Nancy McKeon Fan Club kit they offered. This is from the 1980’s.

But what really impressed me about PinUpsEtc was what has become a lost art on Ebay – the fun of the sale.


I had a chance to message and dialogue with Mickey, learn a little about him and what he does. The messages were great and it felt like I was dealing with a real person not just someone selling masses of stuff.

Conversation during online sales is something I miss from the genesis of Ebay. Now it’s all automated responses, invoices, and feedback requests, or assurances about refunds, return policies, and shipping notices. Mickey was definitely fun to talk to.

Nancy McKeon Fan Club Kit from PinUpsEtc on ETSY.

Nancy McKeon Fan Club Kit from PinUpsEtc on ETSY.

The kit itself included a biography sheet, letter, membership card, and photo, all vintage 80’s. The seller did an excellent job picturing everything I was to get.  Postage was very reasonable at $2.85 when you factored in the cost of the mailer, time to pack it, and get it to the post or picked up by the USPS.

ETSY itself made the ordering process very simple and quick. Before I knew it, I’d made the payment and had notification that my order had been placed.


So all I had to do then was wait. Thankfully the wait was not long and the seller dialogued with me through the process. He let me know this was his original kit, which added value to me knowing it was from the owner. I have other pieces of the kit but the seller of those pieces on Ebay got them from someone else and wasn’t able to answer any of my questions.

When the kit arrived, I was able to scan it and add it to the Nancy McKeon fans website for everyone to enjoy. It is featured here: Nancy McKeon Fan Club Kit Page – I have combined it with the other pieces I own to form what I believe is the complete Fan Cub Kit.

I highly recommend ETSY as a place you can buy safely from and PinUpsEtc as a good seller to buy from.  Go visit them today!