My email to corporate:


The Bertuca Organization promised us 3 Extra Value Meal Coupons, we only got 2. We went to this location to use our 2 and drove off with our order thinking it was correct but it was missing honey BarbQ sauce. We had to spend money driving BACK to get the sauce. Now we were short 1 meal AND the meals we did use they still can’t get right. What is so hard about reading the order on the SCREEN? It’s bad enough the Bertuca Orgnization has refused service to us, a mixed family, over a cup of water, but now the Bertucas don’t want to give us our full order and let us drive away without it? If they profit from not giving customers their full order and hope they won’t notice, if that’s the Bertuca way of raising money to pay their franchise fee, that’s inexcusable. No other mcDonads gives us this much trouble but it’s always a Bertuca organization McDonalds who tries to take our credit cards, refuse service based on factors we don’t understand, and shorts our orders. I’m tired of being Bertuca’d. I’d like an extra value meal that I can use at any location, so I don’t have to back and deal with Bertuca quality service. I’d like a gift card for $10 so I can walk away from Bertuca locations. Going back to use the coupon they gave us just creates headaches and forces Bertuca employees to fulfill orders accurately, a standard they clearly never reach with us. They are as efficient as the closed location on Broadway. Not at all.