One of the most popular posts on this site is – Don’t sell  to  YSYSO Wing YIU.

Today I’d like to hilight an INCREDIBLY GOOD seller: minhasomer – here is his store:


Cable purchased from minhasomer – this is one Ebay seller you can TRUST!

There are plenty of cable sellers on Ebay. I needed a specific cable to run my Ipod thru my Alpine Stereo and allow the stereo controls to run the Ipod. I needed the ALPINE KCE-422i FULL HIGH iPOD SPEED iPHONE AUX INPUT INTERFACE CABLE.

There are plenty of sellers who have this cable. But I looked at the feedback ratings and seller locations. Some seller locations were overseas, many sellers had negative feedback.

I’ve been “taken” a few times lately so I wanted to avoid anyone with negative feedback. I might not receive the right cable or might not receive the cable at all or it  might arrive via UPS Innovations (for those who don’t know it’s a slow pokey way that one carrier hands off to another – very slow and deceptive, you wait FOREVER, same with DHL to USPS).

Enter the INCREDIBLY GOOD seller: minhasomer – the cable was shipped immediately, sealed in a baggie, brand new – got it in 3 days, and it worked perfectly –  snug fit into the jack, no sign of wear or use. Sometimes after market cables fail after a few days but not this one.

The INCREDIBLY GOOD seller: minhasomer had EXCELLENT communication – and he is the ONLY cable seller I can recommend.

Incidentally while we’re recommending sellers: 

laptopservicecenter – – this is the BEST store for laptop screens. I’ve done two screen replacements through them. Top notch, packed well, no dead pixels. There are a lot of companies on Ebay to buy screens from – but this is the one to use.

I am in the process of evaluating mimotron– for a Sony LCOS SXRD Rear Projection Bulb for the Sony KDS-55A2000. There are a lot of bulb sellers and I did a lot of research on the web for both on Ebay and off Ebay sellers. I should have this in a few days and will evaluate this seller and product.