On May 5, 2013 I sold $18.99 worth of Ram to YSYSO Wing Yiu at

Username: sirsouthgate1777

YSYSO Wing Yiu
14547 155th St
# A9198
Jamaica, NY 11434-4205
United States

He filed a dispute of “item not received” through paypal and froze my paypal funds on 5/27/2013 which unknown to me caused my paypal debit card to decline when I was trying to buy food.

I did some googling and found he has been reported on Ebay. Ebay has DECLINED to take any action against this seller as has Paypal. I also saw where he did the same on the same day to “Mactechmd” over a similar sale.

Ebay also stated that without tracking they will decide in the buyers favor and I will LOSE my $18.99 DESPITE numerous reports on the Internet about this guy. Since there is adequate evidence if you read ALL the linked posts in this blog that this is a scam and that I’ve been scammed.

Because Ebay won’t let sellers post negative feedback, there isn’t anything on file for this situation but there is PLENTY on the web which raises an interesting question – if Ebay and Paypal are AWARE of this scammer and all this info is available on the web, when do they cross the line from a ‘venue’ to ‘accomplice’ to commit a crime? One of these posts is on Ebay itself! They have been notified. Several times about this guy.

Link to forum where others have been scammed by the same user using an address in California and the one in Jamaica Queens NY:

http://blog.collins.net.pr/2011/08/when-did-ebay-remove-rights-to-leave.html – YSYSO

“January 28, 2013

Add me to the list! Something didn’t seem right with a transaction that just completed in e-bay, so I googled “YSYSO Prebbiebeadman.” Looks like his U.S. headquarters has moved to Queens, NY.

Wing Yi Lau

Shipping address
YSYSO Prebbiebeadman
14547 155th St
# A9198
Jamaica, NY 11434-4205
United States”

Paypal DID find a sellers favor once against this guy:


“I won my case at Paypal! And the particular account this scam artist used has been removed from eBay! However, he probably has dozens of accounts on eBay. I will ban all bidders from El Monte, CA, in the future, because this guy is slippery.


PayPal has concluded our investigation of the following Buyer Complaint:

Buyer’s name: Lau Win Yiu
Buyer’s email: miarambo331@yahoo.com
Transaction ID: 7C530488YX132991C

Transaction date: Dec 15, 2012
Transaction amount: $11.10 USD
Your transaction ID: 8T705976VE556525D
Case number: PP-002-141-011-605

Thank you for providing the requested information in a timely manner.

The shipping information you provided has been verified. The claim has been closed in your favor.”

http://forums.ebay.com/db1/topic/Computers-Networking-It/Hey-If-You/5200154816 – YSYSO

Ebay’s own forum lists the same address info I sent the RAM to:

“YSYSO Prebbiebeadman
14547 155th St
# A9198
Jamaica, NY 11434-4205
United States”

http://www.reddit.com/r/Ebay/comments/1cfnf3/theres_a_chinese_company_scamming_ebay_sellers_of/ – YSYSO

This REddit Ebay post states: ”

YSYSO Wing Yiu 14547 155th St. #A19198 Jamaica, NY 11434

Buyers alleged name: Lau Wing Kiu”

http://www.guitarandpedal.com/source-audio-soundblox-pro-classic-distortion-pedal-new-5/ – YSOSO

http://www.aspkin.com/forums/ebay-discussion/57251-those-sell- computer-parts-mainly-ram-memory-beaware-these-guys.html – YSYSO (You must be a member to view)