I-65N bound by Trinity Lane is under construction. Most truck drivers take it nice and slow. But not Dollar General carriers. But at 1:30pm today one  of driver maybe of low quality delivering Dollar General Products did not make that choice to drive safely.

Their carrier’s regard for human life is minimal and I guess it’s all about the Dollar General products, not people. Their driver was in the lane that was ending and instead of yielding the right of way to the traffic already on the highway it bulldozed and kept going, pushing me into another truck in the lane next to me.

Fortunately the other trucker valued human life and wasn’t carrying Dollar General Products – and made more room for me to get over when he saw what has happening. I almost got killed because nothing was stopping this Dollar General truck from making his destination including my life. He was a higher quality driver than low quality driver of Dollar General products.

I spoke to Dollar General immediately who simply stated that “it’s not dollar general, it’s our carrier” and REFUSED to give me anyone to follow up with, call, or email about this concern.

I advised them that anything that carries their brand, like this trailer, was a reflection on them but they did not care. I would be dead right now if it weren’t for the other driver and I feel Dollar General Products have low quality drivers who seem to feel that the products trump human life.