Uber operates illegally

Uber operates illegally

The moment I learned just how far Uber will go to silence journalists and attack women

Nashville has been manipulated by Uber. Uber and Lyft both consider cities who allow them ‘innovative’  but cities who object, and people who object – can be subject to some pretty bad treatment.  Anotherwards they are manipulated. We’ve already seen cities who outlaw Lyft and Uber get over run by Lyft and Uber who’s drivers continue to break the law, even after cease and desist orders directly towards these ride-scaring companies.

Nashville has been totally manipulated by these companies and can’t even see it. Nashville falls for the line that Uber and Lyft does background checks.

Then, in 2014, Carmel DeAmicis exposed that an Uber driver accused of assault had a criminal record that should have been uncovered by the background checks Uber claimed to do. She further documented a “blame the passenger” culture at the company when such complaints came up. (Pando.com) (also worth reading Exclusive: Uber driver accused of assault had done prison time for a felony, passed background check anyways )

Nashville’s desire for a big ego and modernization as well as politicians benefitting from Uber and Lyft has made them blind and dumb to the manipulation going on. Uber and Lyft play Nashville like a fiddle.

Then, a few weeks ago, I wrote a story about the outrageous sexism woven deeply into the culture of the company. We’ve seen it in the company’s PR team discrediting female passengers who accuse drivers of attacking them by whispering that they were “drunk” or “dressed provocatively.”

Is this the type of company Nashville is allowing operate in it’s city? Yes. Nashville does ridesharing. How disturbing.  People are outraged about what they hear about Bill Cosby but allow this.  Go Nashville.