All are NOT welcome at this Mall.

All are NOT welcome at this Mall.

Total silence from Reagan Tinsely at Macy’s. Macy’s still refuses to explain exactly what happened that day when it’s possible I was racially profiled.

In doing more research, I discovered Al Sharpton really took a stance on Macy’s behavior over Christmas in New York City:

“We are not, I repeat not, going to go through the holidays and have people shop where they are going to be profiled,” Sharpton told reporters outside Macy’s flagship store in Manhattan. “You can call it a boycott.”

The New York attorney general’s office is investigating both stores and lambasted Macy’s in light of a similar 2005 racial profiling case.

Mr. Will Skaggs of the Cool Springs Macy’s still refuses to honor his word – his lack of verbal integrity – “do as you said you would do”  is deafening.  As Macy’s falls silent, more and more research shows that Macy’s has been taken to task on the topic of discrimination.  Whatever happened to me falls on Will Skaggs leadership at Cool Springs. Is it possible  he’s simply upholding the New York Discrimination Tradition?