Previously we reported the experience with 1-800-pet-supply’s poor packing materials.

Poor packing materials cause damage in shipment

Poor packing materials cause damage in shipment for 1-800-pet-supplies – 2 different shipments came like this.

We have since done 2 shipments with Doctors Foster and Smith. The boxes are branded, sturdy, and packing materials are always included – airbags or peanuts. We have included the photos in the gallary to show the sturdiness of the boxes.

These are truly a GOOD packing job and better than 1-800-pet-supply’s poor packing materials which leave it vulnerable to damage in transit. Though they are not responsible for damage in transit, I would also say that with good packing materials, it’s much less of a concern.


Superior packing by Dr. Fosters and Smith result in no damage.


Doesn’t this Doctors Foster and Smith box look great??!!


Doctors Foster and Smith pack wisely.

All of our box contents from Doctors Foster and Smith.