1142 Gallatin Pike South Madison, TN 37115 (615) 865-0117

1142 Gallatin Pike South
Madison, TN 37115
(615) 865-0117

Dirt Cheap

1142 Gallatin Pike South
Madison, TN 37115
(615) 865-0117

Dirt Cheap took the place of the old Big Lots. This is a liquidation store that sells returns, damaged goods, salvage, etc. Dirt Cheap marks items down on a schedule of some kind and has an Iphone / Android app that you can use to scan and determine most prices.

Among the great finds I’ve found over the last few months it’s been open:

Star Wars color changing Light Saber, current market value: $89.99, purchase price at Dirt Cheap: $20.00

Sony HDR-230 Handycam Camcorder:  current market value $399.99 – it was missing the adapter / charger and battery so it was a gamble. I paid $20.00 at Dirt Cheap and after getting an adapter and charger it worked.

Sony DSC-W220 Digital Camera: Current market value: $199.99 – I paid $20.00 and it worked perfectly, just needed a battery charger which I have – a universal one. I bought two of these, my screen got smashed in my backpack on the first one, my fault totally.  Hence getting a second one. I brought my own battery to test it. That’s part of the trick with incomplete electronics at Dirt Cheap. Either having the spare parts or buying  the item, gambling, ordering, and seeing if it works.

These represent the best bargains, often at 90% off. I’ve gotten some good 50% off bargains as well and interim bargains such as:

Wii U controller brand new (with Wii Motion Plus built-in) in the box for $4.00 – Nintendo Genuine Brand (goes for $39.99, lately $19.99)

Wii Rock Candy Controller loose without battery cover  $1.00 –  (goes for $14.99-19.99 at Best Buy).

Philips SBH 5500 Bluetooth Headphones – $20 (goes for $39.99) – I tested these in store with my Ipad.

Windows 8.1 – $20, goes for $149.99 – sealed and genuine retail version.

And the best one:

A “Square” credit card reader. It was $5.00 at Dirt Cheap. I registered it and got the instant rebate from Square.com for $10.00. The code hadn’t been used. Then I went through the checkout and paid $5 for the reader. Then as I used the reader it indicated it was outdated and Square would send me a new one at no additional charge. So I made $5 and got a new reader through the mail.

Dirt Cheap will let you know things are ‘as-is’, ‘no refunds’, ‘test before you buy’ and I’ve literally sat there and tested electronics over and over from cameras to laptops to a toy BB-8 from Star Wars. Conceivably I could bring in my portable DVD player and test many of used DVD’s for sale.  I’ve tested lightning cables on my Ipad which are a must since Apple Devices tend to deactivate generic ones.

I also got an R2D2 and Darth Vader puffy plush backpack for a buck each, they normally go for $19.99 but needed a little stitchery help.

In the DVD section are former Blockbuster rentals and I’ve found some Blockbuster exclusives in the mix!

Goods change daily. The only disappointing item was a Dell P20T laptop that had the wrong adapter matched up with it. It worked fine on the charge it was on but Dell warned it was the wrong adapter and it was the wrong wattage so the Dell App stepped it down. I tried a universal adapter but either the charging circuit was damaged or the laptop rejected the non-dell adapter, either one is possible given that it was a Dell.  I REALLY wanted that Dell and wanted to get it when the price dropped however it disappeared – and that’s the game at Dirt Cheap, get it before it’s gone! Flip side is if the charging circuit was damaged from the wrong charger being attached (it called for a 45w, it came with the 90W) then I was saved a losing gamble. The laptop goes for $399, it was down to $229 or so, and on Ebay similar ones were going for about $189 at the time. So I was waiting…and lost the battle!

Staff and management are outstanding, especially Donald, who lets me test everything and anything.

Donald always greets me with a smile, asks how I am, and is willing to indulge any electronic whim I have when it comes to the goods he’s selling out of that store. Hershel, formerly of Target, also is an assset to the store.

Salvage stores are always a gamble but I’ve never lost at Dirt Cheap. This is well worth the visit just know your stuff or be willing to take a gamble.  It’s always fun at Dirt Cheap in Madison!