bananas-698608_960_720Update: July 18th 2017: Giant has reviewed CCTV footage, register tape, and parking lot footage to determine a customer came after me, got cash back, counted the cash, and left. Giant was unable to determine who the customer was – they did not use a loyalty card and the debit card info is not stored due to PCI compliance. The footage from the license plate could not be made out.

As Dave Ramsey would say, this was an $80 STUPID TAX.

On July 14, 2017 at 8:38 am I was travelling from Harrisburg, PA to Nashvlle, TN. I stopped at Giant  at 5301 Simpson Ferry Rd and bought an Iced Tea and got cash back for tolls and other needs from my ATM Card. I did two transactions to get a total of $160, $80 on each withdraw. I was unaware that you could get up to $200 in one transaction.

The first transaction gave me all $5 bills, for $80. I thought it was odd and counted them. As I counted them I did my second transaction but in the midst of counting, I believe I forgot to grab the second batch of cash. I never left the U-Scan between the two transactions.

I did not realize this until I got to a Wells Fargo location, my home bank, where I needed to deposit the money in another account. I called Giant back at 10:06am and asked them to check for my $80. They stated they did not find it.

I am extremely concerned because it would be fairly easy for Giant to find out what happened to my money. They could check the surveillance based on the time of my receipt and see if:

  • 1) I took the second batch of cash and stuck it in a different pocket? Can you show me footage that would tell me where I put the SECOND batch of cash? These were back to back transactions, I never left the U-Scan. Did I put it in my pocket, did I sit it on top of the register?
  • 2) See if someone came after me and simply took it without a matching transaction on the transaction tape (transaction tape time + surveillance. The receipts attached show the specific U-Scan Terminal that was used).
  • 3) See if someone got cash back and took it along with their own cash (transaction tape time + surveillance foot
  • 4) A Giant Employee saw it and pocketed it. (Surveillance between 8:38am and 10:06am – there is an attendant at the station taking care of the various needs at the stations – they exit greeted me. )

If it was #2 or #3 a Giant Rewards Card, if used, could track back the information without a subpoena considering a drivers license was scanned by Giant for the rewards card.

If it was #1 I take responsibility for it.

I was advised by Giant that customer traffic was very light and slow during the time between when I left and when I noticed and called which would mean option 4 becomes the most likely option.

By hand movements, even from the ceiling camera, one could determine what happened to my cash. But no one offered to do this. Why did no one offer to do something so basic? Was a GIANT employee trying to cover for internal theft of my money? That is something so basic that is done in any other kind of theft like shoplifting or a robbery.  At the very least someone should have offered to check surveillance to see if I did something odd with the SECOND $80.

Giant Foods Christine Bokunewicz was notified over the weekend and has not responded with a comment.