After reporting on the possible Bait and Switch at Consumer Depot of Nashville, we filed with the Better Business Bureau with which they have f ailing grade.

Consumer Depot responded, “Customer tried to cheat us by claiming more expensive\complete unit, which is $69, should be his for $49.”

That simply isn’t true, a site with this reputation would not engage in such tactics. As a consumer advocacy  review site we would never engage in that type of activity.

We kindly pointed them to the State of TN site that shows their dishonest activity:  Consumer Depot, Martin Fike as well as several of the documents that show a history of deceptive activity.

We responded “(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Check surveillance and associate who helped me. No evidence of trying to cheat you. You’ve tried to cheat customers and the State of TN proved that in court. I would like the unit for $49 as tagged. Show me evidence that I switched the tags.

You have a HISTORY and a legal challenge proven for what I experienced. An associate was present the ENTIRE transaction from browsing to attempted purchase. No attempt was observed by the associate of switching and the Associate even believed the price was correct. Please withdraw allegation.”

If they can show surveillance of us swapping tags then we’d be amazed – because we did not. We simply asked for the merchandise as priced.  Otherwise we still want the merchandise for the amount shown.