Bait and Switch? You decide at Consumer Depot in Nashville, TN

Bait and Switch? You decide at Consumer Depot in Nashville, TN

We’ve reported on Consumer Depot previously.

Since they were taken to court by the State of Tennessee and a judgement was found against them we thought we’d report them to the Dept of Commerce and Insurance which handles Consumer Affairs.

We explained the situation which we’ve outlined in our previous blog entries.

What Consumer Depot did was unbelievable. Here is their response to Consumer Affairs.  It includes a personal attack on my facebook page. And for the record and a reminder, Consumer Depot has had a judgement against them for their deceptive practices.

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1) They lied: “The individual claimed that he saw a price online, came to our store and insisted we sell him a more expensive model at a lower price. ” – that is not what happened. My original complaint outlined that I saw a price posted ON THE ITEM in store, took it to get boxed up and checked out – and that’s when the price changed. (Their earlier response to the Better Business Bureau was that “Customer tried to cheat us by claiming more expensive\complete unit, which is $69, should be his for $49.”) – no mention of an online ad or item. 

2) They attacked me personally “This person exhibits behavior which is concerning” – they trolled my facebook page and pulled up some photos of me dressing up for Halloween as Spider-Man and sent them to the Consumer Protection Specialist.  The photos are not from this site, from a personal facebook page.

3) They printed up my blog’s homepage entries. What do they have to do with the original complaint.

I do miss living in a consumer friendly state like New York where Attorney General Eric Schneiderman leads the way for consumer rights and takes on businesses that cheat consumers. I think the Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs did their best but at the same time Tennessee is more friendly to big business than consumers and that I believe is what allows places like Consumer Depot to defend their practices by printing out pictures from customer’s Facebook pages and characterize complainants as “exhibits behavior which is concerning” instead of simply selling an item for the price posted on the tag of the item.