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Highly Recommended! Clean Quik Carpet Service

Highly Recommended! Clean Quik Carpet Service

We recently used Clean Quik Carpet Service in Nashville, TN.  We have never used a carpet cleaning service before.

Clean Quik Carpet Cleaning 3942 Dickerson Pike, Nashville, TN 37207

We started with an estimate. There was no pressure to buy that day. We had 3 rooms done for $150.  Each room had it’s fair share of issues. The main office was heavily pet soiled, the bedroom was kitty litter ‘littered’ and the spare bedroom was the home of a pet dog.  We scheduled the service for a week later.


They tackled the bedroom first, which surprised me. They did inside closets, edges and the main carpet area. They also helped move a 32″ tube TV and dresser at no additional charge. The bedroom wasn’t the biggest issue but I could hear the vacuum pick up the litter particles before they started cleaning.

Heavily soiled office

Heavily soiled office

They then tackled the spare-bedroom. There wasn’t much to report there but the room is definitely smelling better. It’s a smaller room, there isn’t much to it so there isn’t much to report. It just didn’t make sense to do just 2 rooms and not the third.

Finally, they tackled the office.  The office is why we called. The office had been the home of an animal rescue, a 14 year old cat with chronic kidney disease. She’d lost her ability to use the litter box so the entire room became her litter box. There was also a trail of dirt stainage from the entrance to where the desk normally sits. We’ve included a ‘before’ and ‘during’ photograph as we could see the stains removed. They went over it twice to be thorough.

the office during carpet cleaning, you can see the stain removal. This hasn'

the office during carpet cleaning, you can see the stain removal. This hasn’t been done in 3 years.

I was advised they went through 50 gallons of water to clean all 3 rooms. The service was prompt (they beat me to the house), courteous, and professional. They explained what they were doing every step of the way. They are highly recommended for carpet cleaning in Nashville.