cignaA letter sent to Cigna recounts how calling in resulted in a lying agent refusing to send the caller to a supervisor – instead insisting the Marketplace was responsible for the caller’s issue – and when the caller stood up for what was right, the Cigna rep sent the caller to the Marketplace anyway.

Due to Cigna’s misinformation about the method / mode of payment and it’s letter which clearly does NOT state the mode of payment, it’s shady practices could result in negative credit marks on the customer. See below:

Cigna Health & Life Insurance Company
PO BOX 30028
Tampa, FL 33630-3028

May 13, 2017

Dear Cigna:

On May 8th 2017, I received a letter for a ‘final demand’ for payment for Cigna Policy #########. The letter stated the amount due as $14.39 and that payment needed to be made in full within ten (10) calendar days from the date of the letter, May 4, 2017. That date is May 14, 2017 – a Sunday.

May 8th: I called Cigna at 1-877-484-5967 to inquire on making a payment and they advised me to mail a check to 3501 East Frontage Rd, Tampa, FL 33607 immediately and that it would make it by the payment due date. I did that.  I sent Check 871.

May 12th: I called to check on the status of the payment on 5/12/17 and was advised no payment was received. I was advised that the payment was to be certified check or money order. Nowhere in the letter (enclosed) or the phone call did the mode of payment get specified. I asked what to do and they told me to call the Marketplace, that there was nothing else Cigna could do. I advised him that the Marketplace does not handle things like this and that any negative mark on my credit was undesirable – and that it was slated to be turned over to a collection agency on 5/14/17, Sunday. I advised there was no possible way to get payment there in time since the post office was closed by the time of this call. He insisted I speak to the Marketplace. I asked to speak to a supervisor and the Cigna Rep advised me he would send me over but instead sent me to the Marketplace.

I spoke to the Marketplace representative who stated it was a Cigna billing issue. I was sent back over to Cigna. I spoke to another Cigna representative who stated I should have never mailed a check to 3501 E Frontage Rd. He advised me to mail a money order to Cigna Health & Life Insurance Company, PO BOX 30028, Tampa, FL 33630-3028. He also advised me that the Cigna Rep should have advised me to do that on 5/8/2017 and the previous rep should have never sent me to the Marketplace after advising me he was sending me to his supervisor.

I have followed the most recent set of instructions and am requesting this not be sent to collections / reported as a negative credit activity as Cigna misinformed me twice on what to do and there is NO notation in the letter stating a specific mode of payment.  I cannot afford the negative mark on my credit due to Cigna’s misdirection.

Best – The customer

Cigna clearly is refusing to take responsibility for misdirection, demanding a method of payment not specified, and forcing this customer to go unwillingly to the Marketplace.

The customer is mailing a money order at the first available opportunity, 5/13/2017 with USPS tracking.