In our continuing series on Ebay nightmares, scammers, or mistakes, the user “cheapgamestuff” on Ebay just pulled a fast one on me. We ordered a PS1 A/V Multiout. The condition was listed as  “new” as in “in it’s original package” and It was to be shipped in the box it comes in, and the photo looks like this:

Do NOT BUY from cheapgamestuff - item NOT as described.










However what I got was THIS – an item used, not in it’s original packaging, shoved in an open packaging of another item, w/the mailing label slapped on it. 








This item is clearly “NOT AS DESCIRIBED”, they totally did not live up to the item listed.

Is this an Ebay SCAMMER, Fraud, or simple mistake?

Here is the original Cheapgamestuff listing:

Or the PDF