Hair-like shavings at the bottom of the bun. SICK.

PUBIC Hair-like shavings at the bottom of the bun. SICK.

We recently visited Buger King at 247 East Main St Hendersonville TN and were shocked. We opened the Big King Burger to find something that resembled PUBIC HAIR SHAVINGS all over the bottom of the bun.  We called Burger King and all they did was apologize and offer another sandwich. Is this the ‘Pubic Hair Like Burger’ offering from Burger King?

This is definitely not the quality of Ted and Judy Lyons McDonalds on Main St in Hendersonville, which always serves top notch food with a top notch staff.

We called David, the manager on duty, who didn’t have anything to say about the incident. We were referred to Heath, a district manager, who also had very little to say. Both Heath and David had no apologies or avenue to follow up about the Pubic Hair Like Burger – definitely not the Lyons or McDonalds Corporation. They would have responded swiftly and with great concern.

We are referring this to the Dept of Health as well as making sure this is distributed to the normal channels. The Pubic Hair Like Burger at Burger King is sickening but apparently Heath and David from Buger King have no issue with it as there was no apology to us nor no avenue offered to submit this information online or via email. McDonalds Corp always responds by email and phone. Burger King offered neither avenue to us. The Pubic Hair Like Buger was no concern for Heath – the District Manager – or David – the manager on duty.

This is horrible. They have not explained how this happened or why this happened. I can’t imagine this happening at Ted and Judy Lyon’s McDonalds location.

Bottom line  is to avoid the Hendersonville Burger King at 247 East Main St, Hendersonville, TN 37075. Go to Jumbo & Delicious, McDonalds, or another establishment in Hendersonville that doesn’t serve Pubic Hair Like Burgers.

Hair Like Substance on the bun, close up at Burger King 247 E Main St, Hendersonville, TN 37075

PUBIC Hair Like Substance on the bun, close up at Burger King 247 E Main St, Hendersonville, TN 37075

Burger King Corporate Customer Service did not give us any information we could use to follow up, no email, no way to hold them accountable for follow up.  But for now we advise people NOT to go to the Burger King at 247 E. Main St, Hendersonville, TN 37075


We have advised the district manager Heath but he did not want to see our report and would not address our issue.  So it appears Burger King management is not receptive to hearing about hair like shavings in the burger. Heath refused to let us email him this article / report. All we have is a a phone number and an uncooperative Burger King District Manager named Heath. You can also blow up these photos by clicking on them to see the shavings up close of the hair like substance.