We had to leave Brixx Wood Fired Pizza, felt unwelcome.

We had to leave Brixx Wood Fired Pizza, felt unwelcome.

This afternoon we visited Brixx Woodfired Pizza at 300 Indian Lake Blvd, Hendersonville, TN 37075.

We will never return there again. We were treated pretty horribly.

We ordered a pizza from Samantha T. and asked of they had fries. She simply responded they had kettle chips. We advised them that we would still get the pizza but run for fries elsewhere. The lady took our order and I left to get the fries.

When I came with the fries my daughter was happy and overjoyed but the Brixx waitress advised us we could not enjoy our fries in the restaurant due to health regulations so we had to leave. We packed up our pizza, paid for it and left. Samantha heard me discuss my plan to get fries. If she had voiced the regulation we would have just left and gone somewhere else but she served us the Pizza and THEN told us.

I feel this was very rude behavior. I have eaten Wendys food inside of McDonalds, and recently, chinese inside of Burger King and Jersey Mike’s inside of McDonalds as I combine the best products to make the best meal. I mix and match often but always buy food from the restaurant I am sitting at.

I tried to find some health regulations in ANY state that would account for this and the closest I could come up with is a report of out of North Carolina: http://www.myreporter.com/?p=12091

“The North Carolina General Statutes require we regulate establishments that serve food for pay. We would not regulate someone’s personal food. It would be up to the management of the food service establishment if they allow customers to bring in their own food and drink in the establishment. However, the public can not prepare food and bring the food to the restaurant to be served to the public. All food served at the restaurant must be from an approved source.”

What if I had a baby and brought formula or baby food for my baby? Clearly that’s not regulated, babies have their own bottles in restaurants all the time. But that would be the letter of the law as Samantha enforced with us. Baby formula, diabetic drinks, etc would all be banned inside of restaurants in TN if the law read that way. Anyone with a condition that needed alternative supplements / food would not be able to eat at Brixxs.

So in North Carolina the rule reads that customers can bring their own food, they just can’t ask the restaurant to prepare the food. So you can bring it, you just can’t ask them to serve it. We would be serving ourselves. So clearly that would be allows in NC. What about Tennessee? We will be making a call to the Dept of Health to find out the correct law in TN.

Most restaurants that do not allow this have signs posted. Brixx Wood fired Pizza has no such signs. I feel we were singled out on this matter and made to feel unwelcome at this Hendersonville establishment especially after we made the waitress AWARE we were making a run for fries since Brixx Wood Fired Pizza served none.

We took our Pizza, put it in a box, forfeited our drinks (we weren’t even offered ‘to go cups’) and ate in our car. If this is indeed the law in TN, it needs changed. We will contact the Dept of Health this week to get an answer.

Does Brixx discriminate? I do not believe so. But were we made welcome? Definitely not and we do not recommend anyone else dine at Brixx. A

tmosphere is def. not hospitable.