During an accidental visit to the Music Valley McDonalds of Nashville, TN I got a response from the one and only Meredith Baugh, thus revealing this was a Bertuca Organization McDonalds.

I am sorry for the inconvince that you had at our local McDonalds.I assure you this will be addressed.I would like to send you some coupons if you would reply with your mailing address.


Meredith Baugh


Bertuca Organizations,llc

Director of Operations

Nashville SPENDS a ton of money to attract people and business here. Your Tax Dollars and mine so my response was:

Dear Meredith:

This is indeed disappointing, as it’s location, Music Valley Drive, is one of a few locations that is the heart of tourism in our fair city. Our visitors from other states and countries should get a better impression of music city than what they would receive here. I’m not after anything, coupons or otherwise, my main concern is that a customer left – perhaps a tourist, perhaps someone to our country for the first time, or perhaps a resident – you can see him in line, and then leaving, and then the line after him – and nothing was done, there was no management addressing the issue, there was nothing to speed the line up. Just one lone employee. McDonalds is a national and global brand where no matter what part of the country or world you’re in, you’re to have the same experience, that’s what franchising is all about. I would hope in the future that this is addressed because our Mayor and Governor work hard to create incentives for business to relocate here and tourists to engage here – our tax dollars go to incentive programs for the very customers that you serve. An example is Tennessee’s film program, I helped produce a film here in Tennessee and audited receipts that the state of TN in turn reimbursed the production company for – many of them were the cast and crew having meals at places like McDonalds. TN tax dollars go to bring business to Music City businesses including yours. So we, and tourists…deserve better.
As I told Ted Bertuca personally, it’s not coupons I’m after…it’s change…this is your city, my city, our city.
Best – Ron