I am only expressing the truth of what happened. But in the wake of reports of McDonald’s Franchisees Not Pleased About Improving Customer Service this all seems to make sense to me. Chicago Business reported on how a smile’s the last straw for some McDonalds owners which is also consistent with all of my treatment at the Bertuca Organization’s McDonalds restaurant locations. And so the original yarn unfolds…

I’ve realized the original story was never told of the VERY first set of encounters with the Bertuca Organization. It was Summer of 2012. I reported this to Meredith McBough and later John Beckett of the Bertuca Organization. From not taking orders to my suspicions of credit card fraud, it was only the beginning….

2311 Brick Church Pike
Nashville, TN
August 17, 2012 12:00am
I pulled up to the Drive Through and was asked to wait at the order board. I waited so long I had to turn on my 4 ways. When the girl returned to take orders there was NO apology at all. When I pulled up to pay I had to wait yet AGAIN, and then when I pulled up for my order I was given my drink and told to wait yet again – this time pulling up past the window.
There was NO APOLOGY from ANYONE so when my food came out the employee didn’t say ONE WORD to me at ALL. I asked to speak to the manager who came out and I explained to them all the waiting, lack of apologies and guess what, SHE DIDN’T APOLOGIZE EITHER. It was like she she didn’t care.  I highly recommend retraining all employees in common courtesies OR hiring people who want to serve customers, I don’t actually care which. Because it was clear to me that I was a disturbance and an inconvenience to whatever goes on in that restaurant at night. All that waiting, maybe there was a party, who knows, but I sure wasn’t invited! Worst service on a rainy night.
August 18 2012
Yet another incident at the McDonalds Bertuca Organization Location on Brick Church Pike:
Just had more mediocre service from this location, was “told” to pull forward to wait for order, not asked, so I said I wasn’t going to since I wasn’t asked, I was “ordered”. Order came WITHOUT an item, they then gave me the WRONG missing item, then asked me what it was and I advised them to check my order and they finally corrected it.Why do they ask for my order at the order board if they aren’t going to fulfill it AND aren’t going to bother to check their own order screen? I might as well have gotten paid to fulfill my own order.This is getting ridiculous and I dare say I should just go behind the counter and get the orders myself since I can read a screen, which clearly they cannot do and rely on asking the customer to do themselves.
And then September 26, 2012 – was this employees taking people’s credit card #’s at McDonalds?  or Pocketing cash? I reported it to John Beckett at the Bertuca Organization
Another incident last night around midnight, I placed an order at the drive through and pulled up, they took my credit card, gave me my food but would not give me my credit card back. They asked me to pull forward to wait for my credit card even though I had my food. I refused because that opens it up to fraud. I didn’t know if he needed time to do an imprint or copy down the numbers with me out of view. He stated that he didn’t place my order and that he needed to place the order of the person BEHIND me first so I needed to pull forward. The manager was standing outside chit chatting with someone, probably on break, I suggested getting the manager involved and then they suddenly changed their tune and rang the card through and returned it to me. I spoke to the manager who really didn’t have much to say about it.

I wondered if he was  just giving out food hoping to pocket “cash” then got stuck with an un-rung order and a credit card, or if some other serious issue was going on. Either way, this is the third or fourth really bizarre incident at this McDonalds and if ANY fraudulent charges come up on my card I will let Wells Fargo know to investigate your restaurant and credit card practices… if your restaurant is nothing but a front to get people’s credit card #’s, it needs investigated and I may reach out to the Tennessee State Attorney General on this matter.
>>>Fortunately no fraudulent charges came up. But this was suspicious to me. No other merchant in my decades of credit card use has ever behaved this way.  Only at the Bertuca Organizaion McDonalds in Nashville.
The dialogue I had with Meredith McBough and John Beckett over all of these 3 incidents was the last I heard. Future incidents were really not addressed by them, they went to an area supervisor including denial of service at the Bertuca Organization’s McDonalds in Nashville on Hillsboro Pike. Is this the Bertuca way of doing business?