I had some business in the Music Valley Drive area and stopped by the McDonalds at

201 Rudy’s Circle
Nashville TN 37214
Phone: 615-391-3246

Take a look at the 1 cashier, the long line, and the customer that was in line – abandoning and leaving. It’s ALMOST like the McDonalds at 201 Rudy’s Circle is a Bertuca Organization McDonalds. There is one employee washing trays while the other is swamped with a line. One person didn’t want to wait and you can see him leaving.

It’s ALMOST like this location is a Bertuca Organizaton McDonalds in Nashville, TN. Has all the charactistics. ¬†Were we Bertuca’d at a Non Bertuca Organization Location?


Update 5/8/2013 4:27pm – Per an email received from the Bertuca Organization, this is INDEED A Bertuca Organization McDonalds.