In September of 2012 I took my daughter to Los Angeles where we stayed at a hotel without WiFi. I have my trusty MiFi device but between the two of us we burned out the battery. So the Sunday of our vacation, I treked to the Culver City Batteries Plus location  (Franchise) and got a new MiFi Battery.

Fast forward April 2013, I went to charge the battery and just got a red light – which means the battery is NOT charging properly. I looked up Batteries Plus 1 year warranty. I had kept my packaging and receipt handy.


I emailed the customer service for Batteries Plus and they directed me to a local store. I thought it would be a longer process and certainly did NOT feel entitled to a new battery, only to see what my warranty would get me.

Within 5 minutes I walked out of the store with a new battery.No problems. No worries. No hassles. Just a new battery.

The location was Batteries Plus at 2126 Gallatin Pike N  Madison, TN 37115
(615) 851-5155 – the service was excellent and the warranty replacement went VERY smoothly. They even tested the old battery to make sure it was defective. That’s handy in case it’s my device – I’d be wasting batteries and not fixing the root problem.


The service of the Culver City California location is worth noting, as they held the original battery as I was jumping busses from Marina Del Rey.