MLM's in Churches - Should they be there?

I like Multi-Level Marketing, I just question it’s presence in churches.

A recent Reddit page shows this conversation:

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No —-. I used to have a friend on Facebook who is in one of these (not named in the OP—diet thing called Advocare). He posted about the Red Bull lawsuit and said that they had no integrity. I asked why what he sells isn’t in stores and isn’t FDA approved, only sold by regular people and not in stores like the other diet stuff. The conversation ended up with him abandoning his integrity to say if I publicly (as opposed to a PM) questioned his company’s business model, he’d unfriend me. I did it for him.

Bonus: You know how most of these spread? Church. If you can convince people that there’s a benign and loving god who turns away from suffering in third world countries (and horrible things like child rape in first world countries) but is all for sports teams and politicians and make sure you hate the gays! …then you can sell a pyramid scheme. I’ve known three people who were involved in pyramid schemes. Guess where they were recruited? At church. And if you call it a pyramid scheme, you might as well confess to devil worship. Because they were recruited at church, they subconsciously tie the pyramid scheme to their faith, and they will go down with the ship.

This is yet another reason that Advocare and CHURCH should stay seperate. Because people do tie Advocare to their faith. Defriending someone who challenges Advocare is the first sign of programming / brainwashing, courtesy of Advocare.