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Another Checkers Visit

On 11/14/2012 in the evening I placed an order. No one stated that the credit card machine was down when I placed the order. When I pulled up, the associate tried to ‘swipe my card’ but he was also having a personal conversation on the telephone and taking a customer order of a customer behind me. He kept his personal conversation going until I confronted him about the problems w/the card and then he tried for 2 minutes to get off the phone with his friend so he could call the District Manager. I don’t know if the Credit Card terminal and the voice line share a connection or not but regardless he could not get the transaction to dial out for authorization. He acted as if it was my fault and asked if I had cash. I did not and after waiting for him to call a District Manager, we left.

We ended up driving around and then went to Sonic. I felt Checkers handled this situation VERY unprofessionally. This happened once at Arbys which is less than 1/4 mile down the road and the manager gave me my meal and told me to “bring in cash on my next visit” because ARBYS recognizes that it’s not the customer’s fault that the associate is having a personal conversation while taking orders and may very well be tying up the phone line. I did mention the double-charge from the previous night and the associate just shrugged and said he was having credit card machine problems – and it happened to a lot of people. If there were KNOWN problems then credit card transactions should NOT have been offered and you CAN be reported to your merchant account services / underwriting bank for engaging in higher-than-average risk transactions – ones you KNOW are authorizing twice – and continue KNOWINGLY taking those transactions which can result in higher merchant fees, charge backs by consumers, and eventual discontinuation of merchant services by your under-writing bank which can in turn raise your risk score and make it difficult or costly to get services elsewhere.

So I ask, what is CHECKERS doing with people’s credit cards, why was CHECKERS unable to process my transaction, why was the associate talking to a friend whom he couldn’t get off the phone, taking orders, and fulfilling orders, and where was management at this Checkers? My night was ruined, $15 worth of food was prepared and had to be left by us, and when I compare how Checkers handled the situation compared to a comparable situation at Arbys, (which does accept AMEX), I have to conclude that Arbys cares about customer service and Checkers, well can’t figure out what Checkers cares about .