Uber operates illegally

Uber operates illegally

Uber Customer Claims She Was Briefly Kidnapped During 2-Hour Ride, Company Calls It An “Inefficient Route” – See the original ‘Consumerist’ article here.

The route meanders about 20 miles out of her way, stopping in a dark parking lot in the middle of the night. She says she protested and tried to get out of the car, but that the driver locked her inside. When she started screaming, he finally brought her home, she says.

When she told Uber her store the next day, she says she only got an automated email reply, calling the whole thing an “inefficient route” and refunding part of her fare. A day later, the remainder of her fare was refunded. Nothing was said of her claim that she was briefly kidnapped.

When will Nashville Metro wake up and see the decentralizing bitcoin airbnb lyft uber anarchists are playing them for fools and Nashville tourists and residents are setting themselves up to be kidnapped? Probably a conflict between tax revenue the city wants to see from this and people’s safety.  Safety will lose to money. As it has in this case. Remember, Uber is a software company not a transportation company.

Remember, Uber is for Goobers who want your hooters.  Sound crazy? Read the article below:

Uber driver arrested after putting hand inside passenger’s blouse, Orlando cops say

And for Lyft, looks like drivers want to ‘Lyft Up Your Skirt!’

Uber, Lyft Drivers and Customers Kiss and Tell

But this is Nashville where Sex Trafficking is here to stay – and it appears so is a Lyft up your skirt and Uber Goobers who want your Hooters.  We’re reached out to Nashville Metro City Council who has not commented on any of this to us.