I called the postal service on 1/7/2014 around 7pm to report this incident. I wanted to find out why the package wasn’t delivered and stop it from being sent back to Amazon overnight. ¬†That’s the way it was marked to be handled. I also inquired about the international package policy at the Madison, TN post office.

I also called Amazon – to explain the situation. ¬†They put in another order for all the missing items but the Sable Ferret because it came from another seller ‘fufilled by Amazon’. After the call, I sent Amazon another email which listed the last blog entry and asked for a response. All I got was ‘Thank You for Contacting Amazon”. When I was asked in the email if it resolved my issue, I clicked ‘No’ and it asked if an Amazon rep could call me. I clicked ‘yes’ and inputted my phone #.

Enter ‘Gus’. ‘Gus ‘ called me and I explained the issue, he reviewed my notes and I pointed him to the blog entry. I advised him that I was after two things: 1) Getting the concern escalated – I’m not the only one who has issues with UPS Surepost when one is expecting UPS and 2) Getting something handle for the Sable Ferret issue. Getting 9/10 of your order re-shipped is fine but not being able to get a credit to even re-order the Sable Ferret is an issue. I asked for $25 total. ‘Gus’ was able to get a ticket created so no further shipments will go UPS Surepost and get the $25 credit.

They could not ship to 'Onald Hall  / 5 Heritage Lane, Adison, TN 37115' - click to see a larger view

They could not ship to ‘Onald Hall / 5 Heritage Lane, Adison, TN 37115’ – click for a larger view

I then went to the Madison Post Office where I walked up to the counter and asked about my package. They asked my name and stated that I had been being ‘discussed’. The post master came out with my package. I asked why it hadn’t been delivered and it turned out the left hand side of the label was cut off that had the first letters of my name, address, etc. It is pictured here. Now why you can’t put the tracking # in and pull the information manually I don’t know.

I also asked if they truly do not ship international and the post master stated that they do. I advised him I’d been driving up to Hendersonville to ship the packages (and down town Nashville too if I remember correctly). He said I was welcome to bring them in and would address it.

Incomplete mailing label that threw the post office off.

Incomplete mailing label that threw the post office off.

Inside the package were two USB keys, the Batman 66 Joker Figure, a pack of pencils for my monthly budgeting sheet, and the Sable Ferret that wasn’t replacable.

Gus called back from Amazon and I advised him the package was received properly. I also asked him for a route to Executive customer service. There has to be a voice to convey the many issues with UPS Surepost – even though this label was cut off, it doesn’t resolve the issue that there’s no disclosure if it’s USPS, UPS, or UPS Surepost. That needs to begin to happen for me and the many other countless people who have issues with UPS Surepost esp. Amazon Prime customers.

Gus stated that a route to Executive Customer service no longer exists but is forwarding my issues to the Execute Customer service.

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This user will cancel Amazon Prime based on UPS Surepost

This user will cancel Amazon Prime based on UPS Surepost


Why pay for Amazon Prime if it's going to be 3-4 days UPS Surepost?

Why pay for Amazon Prime if it’s going to be 3-4 days UPS Surepost?